We Devote to Solve

Data privacy and security

We believe that data sovereignty is inviolable. We believe that complete privacy protection is for more open data. Clear data decentralization, guarding the privacy of data will promote the development of the big data industry.


If we want to "Calculate everything", we need to "Verify everything". Verifiable computing supports Fermat's off-chain computing, parallel computing, and efficient consensus, ensuring the validity of computing and the scalability of computing power.

Convenient storage

Low-cost high performance data storage for users to use without worrying about storage data loss, storage capacity limitations and other factors.

FML Mission

The emergence of Fermat aims to promote the rapid application and development of the IPFS protocol in some specific fields. The popularity and promotion speed of these fields will be at the forefront of the industry. These areas that Fermat is committed to developing include: medical and health, identity authentication data storage, high-definition video, VR/AR, cloud gaming, industrial Internet, driverless, etc.Fermat itself has also formed an application ecosystem, including storage networks, economic systems, and technical frameworks.

Blockchain Technology

P2P network

Through P2P standard protocols to communicate and provide identity authentication similar to Kademlia to ensure Absolute privacy and security.

Consensus mechanism

The foundation of the POC consensus algorithm is the storage and reading of hard disk data.The whole process includes five stages: initialization, block construction, block reception, main chain selection and penalty mechanism.It improves the efficiency of blockchain consensus.

Fermat Incentive Mechanism

Fermat proposed an innovative incentive mechanism to achieve sustainable and rapid development of the network and ecology. This incentive mechanism makes the rational interests pursued by each participant consistent with the interests of the entire ecosystem, and finally realizes a highly decentralized and stable network system.

Governance mechanism

The interests of nodes are closely related to ecological development. So nodes assume more governance responsibilities and have more governance rights. Token holders can elect trusted nodes and participate in public affairs decisions through node voting.

Road Map

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